How To Port Your Phone Number From the Google Voice

How To Port Your Phone Number From the Google Voice

You can port the number from Google Voice. You can transfer your Google Voice number out of one Google Account to another. Port your mobile number to your personal Google Voice account.

If you want to port with your current phone number, following this way

To port your mobile number, you’ll be charged a $20 fee to Google voice service providers, such as Verizon or AT&T. if you have a Google Fi number, then you transfer your Google voice number to Google Fi.

You cannot port all numbers to your Google Voice account. Firstly, check if your phone number can be ported.

Do not cancel your phone plan or Google Voice will notify you until the port is complete. To verify the port, a call can be made to your phone with a code. After the port is finished, your service provider will cancel your activities. If you have multiple numbers in your account, contact the service provider to find out their service policy. If you want to keep the plan and get a new number, confirm with the service provider.

Before the start

You will need to collect your billing account information from your current service provider, for example, your account number and PIN number. The information you need to complete your port request.

Port your number

1.     Open Google voice on your PC

2.     If you haven’t used Google Voice in your account before, set up Voice first. You will be asked to choose a new number, but your ported number will replace it immediately, so, this number does not matter.

3.     At the top left, click the menu, and then Legacy Google Voice. Google Voice will be looking different, but you’re in the right way.

4.     At the top left, click on setting>setting.

5.     Click the “phones” tab.

6.     Next to your current phone number, click change

7.     Select the option I want to use for my mobile number.

8.     To get a call, set up your phone.

9.     Optional: check the status of your phone. The number will take a time from 48 to 96 hours to port.

Can I port my Google Voice number to a hosted VoIP provider?

Yes, in most situations you can be ported your phone number to your VoIP service provider. (Porting means your number is telephoned from one telephone company to another). Please contact customer service to check the portability of your number.

Can I port an international number?

You must be ported your number to Google Voice before going abroad. The port will require your US cell phone, account number, and PIN. So, call your current cell phone provider to get the necessary information. Before you turn on the port. … the number may be stuck for a few days during the porting process.

Can I Transfer My Google Voice Number?

You can transfer your Google Voice number from another Google Account. The transfer is completed in a second as opposed to the porting number. nothing but your Google Voice number is transferred.

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