6 Simple steps to Leave a Google Reviews?

6 Simple steps to Leave a Google Reviews?

6 Simple steps to Leave a Google Reviews?

Follow the below Guidelines to get more Google reviews from the customers.

1) List your business on the Google business listing page.

2) Send your customer an email after few days of purchase. Request them to leave a review in the form of feedback on your Google business listing page.

3) Create a Google review page on your website. It will allow the users to write the review quickly while browsing your website. Users can log in to their Google account and submit the review.

4) Make a leave us review card. Distribute cards using different methods. Ensure that it reaches the customer. Use the URL shortener to generate a tiny URL that is easy to type in the browser. 

5) Ask for a review in person when people join you for the meeting. Respectfully ask the customer to give feedback about their experience after using the service. People will love to share their views if they like your product or service.

6) Run an email campaign to get reviews from the old customer. People who have used your services would love to write reviews about your company.

How to Leave a Google Review on Mobile?

There are two methods to leave a Google review on a Mobile phone. One of the easy ways to leave a review is using the Google Maps app. Install the app and find the company listing using the search bar. Open the company page on the map listing and submit your review. You have to log in to your Google email account to post the review.

Another way is to post the review directly to the company page by searching the brand name on the Google search. Click the write review button to open the page. Find the write review box and submit the review.

How to Leave a Review Without a Google Account?

You do not require the Google account to leave a review on the Google Business listing page. Follow this step-by-step guide to leaving a review without a Google account.

1) Search for the company name on the Google search.

2) When you have the company page in front of you, scroll down to star rating. 

3) Rate the company by selecting the stars. After you give the star rating, the page will show the option to leave the review. 

4) When you click on the written review, it will take you to the Google email account login page.

5) Click on the create account. It will provide you with two options in the drop-down menu “For Myself” or “To manage my business”. Select For my Self.

6) On the next page, it will ask you to put the current email address. You can add your email address and continue. Your review is posted without needing any Google account.

How to become a ‘Local Guide’ for your area?

Google has introduced a local guide feature for people who like to share information with others. The local guide allows you to share the experience, images, and location guide with the millions of people travelling to your region. 

Joining the Google Local Guide is so easy. Go to the local guide website and register yourself as a Local guide in the specific region. Every time you share the reviews with the photos and other information, It is considered for the rating. Google has developed a unique rating system that enables the local guide to gain more popularity in the region. 

The highly-rated Local guides would earn more star ratings, badges, and points. The more points you gain, the more level up you will have in the Local guide system. People who reach a high level get early access to the new Google services with several other benefits. 

The rules of posting a Google review?

Following are the rules of the Google review posting. Users who do not obey the instruction are restricted from writing the review.

1) Spam, Fake and Duplicate content is not allowed.

2) Content with a conflict of interest is removed from the Google Business listing.

3) Off-topic content is not allowed. The submitted reviews should be genuine customer feedback. It should not be about social or political issues.

4) Content related to the Terrorism, Sexually explicit, offensive, and dangerous reviews are prohibited.

5) Buy Google reviews restricted by Google. You are permitted to ask your customer to leave a review on your page, but you cannot pay the users to write the reviews. 

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