6 Easy Step of How to Delete Google Voice Number
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6 Easy Step of How to Delete Google Voice Number

6 Easy Step of How to Delete Google Voice Number

  1. You have the easiest steps to follow in deleting the Google Voice Number.
  • On your laptop or your computer, it is necessary that you visit the website of Google Voice.
  • On the top, you should click on the menu icon and should select the settings option.
  • It is then you are able to see the Google Voice Number. Can then turn off the voicemail by clicking on the same on the left side of the screen.
  • Uncheck the other services that you don’t want to continue.
  • Must go to Google voice and click on do not disturb.
  • You should access the account on the left side and then click delete under the voice number.

How to Delete Google Voice Number

The procedure of deleting Google’s voice number is extremely easy. You first have to go to the computer and visit voice.google.com. Then you can easily click on the top left corner of the menu. For each of the linked numbers, you should turn off the Google voice mail. On the left, it is time for you to click on the Account. You have the delete option under the Google Voice Number, which you should access and click immediately. However, to confirm the whole process, you should click on Proceed.

Is It Possible To Get Your Google Voice Account Back?

In most cases, it is not very easy to get back what you have deleted intentionally. After the reclaim date is over, you have a time of forty-five days in your hand. Within the span, you can opt to get back your voice number. For this, you have to go to the computer and visit voice.google.com. Now, it is time that you sign on to your Google account and consent to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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How Many Google Voice Numbers Can I Have?

In general, you can have only a single Voice Google Number. This is sure to have a direct connection with your Google account. If you already Buy Google Voice Number, you can easily transfer the same to the Google Fiber Phone Number. You can even select your personal Google Fiber Phone number, which can well replace the Google voice number. For two Google Voice numbers, you should have two separate Google accounts. The numbers are extremely functional for both voice and texts. Moreover, you can have both the numbers on the same mobile device, which can make things highly operational.

Final Words

You can get at least six Google voice numbers. You can have more numbers linked to the point, and you can only access the one that is necessary. The calls that you will get on your Google Voice Number can even ring on the linked number. To get the second Google voice phone number, you have to pay an amount of $20. When you are doing this, the ported-in phone number will automatically become the primary Google voice phone number.

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